Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Mislead and Lie

What is the difference between to mislead and to lie, as in the sentence:
The CIA did not lie to congressional Democrats regarding the torture of prisoners but they may have been misled.
Mislead (v) - To lead into the wrong path, to guide into error, to deceive.

Lie (v) - To utter falsehood with an intention to deceive.

If we parse what is known to have been told to Congress we find euphemisms, undefined terms, half truths, and omitted facts. There were, probably, no direct falsehoods but what was told to Congress was designed to deceive. Not quite lies, rather deliberate, carefully crafted efforts to mislead. Was it perjury? I'm guessing no because I'm guessing the CIA avoided anything resembling testifying under oath.
Misled by lies, wondering the confused I am.
Stripped from us what we've earnt, learn simply there's no escape.
Encourage no other, just let them think what they want to believe. ~ Misled by Lies by Final Eve

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