Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Red as in Code Red

  • In military parlance Code Red refers to unofficial orders that a subordinate is required to follow. In the movie A Few Good Men the Code Red was the order was to beat, to death as it turned out, an uncooperative Marine.
  • In hospitals, Code Red calmly announces the building is on fire.
  • Red in gem stones symbolized vitality and passion.
  • Red as a color denotes power and importance as in the red carpet or the red power tie.
  • Red also symbolizes danger as in a flashing red light.
  • Red is the color of communism. Some sources say it symbolized the blood of working class martyrs. Others say that a red flag was chosen by Bolsheviks to symbolizes defiance and the color just stuck. Alexander Solzhenitsyn claimed that red was the color of the Stalinist faction of the Communist Party but red referred to communism before Stalin's rise.
  • Red Herring means deceptive. It comes from the practice of using herring to train hunting dogs. That led to using curred herring, which is red in color, to distract hunting dogs from their scent.

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